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Me and Amy

Me and Amy – teeth hurting at the mo so she was up late! Oh these pictures are from my phone – emailed from my phone!


Emily + Josh and Amy!


This is a picture of amy – and lisa and dave !

Cool Random Picture

This is a random picture that i took during a storm over our house a while back – just uploaded it here as we are (still) having problems with Blogger and Picasa and was using it as a test as… Continue Reading →

Me a sleepy dad!

All still going well on the being a dad front ! – Bit sleepy at the mo – getting about 3 4 hours at a time and an occasional snooze so cant complain too much ! Amy is still as… Continue Reading →

Announcing Baby Amy Jane Rogerson !!!

Announcing Baby Amy Jane Rogerson !!! Born 14/02/06 @ 6:47am, 8lbs7oz ! Mother and baby are both doing very well ! We were back at home by 10:30 that night. The staff at the Midwife Led Unit looked after us… Continue Reading →

Dr Who visits Dr Tim

Yep Dr Who have filmed part of the new season in my brothers garage !!! How cool is that ! Here is a pic of my bro and friends (inc Billie Piper)!! She has signed his garage wall as well… Continue Reading →

Leigh and Richards Wedding

This is a pic of my wife (em – in the middle !) Ruth and Ruth at our friend Leigh’s wedding! Em is now just about a week away from her due date so we were not sure if we… Continue Reading →

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