So this awesome Ikea light was my Christmas present…

Not this year’s present … Or last year’s …. Or possibly the year before that …

Anyway it’s finally in place and working + looking as awesome I hoped it would!

Shooting for the Moon

Took some time out tonight to have a go on my simple telescope again. Weather was lovely and warm – but being Cardiff and having a street lamp at the bottom of my garden – visibility aint great! plus I still haven’t worked out how to set-up my scope properly so it s a bit blurry !

Anyway I did manage to get a good look at the Moon and Saturn – even managed to get some good pics! Before you look at them please remember my point above about the not great conditions AND the fact all of these were taken on my phone ..



Under Construction …

I managed to get another site visit on Thursday to our new facilities at work – it was a surprise visit so I didn’t take a good camera – but i did manage to get some shots using my phone.

They are just in the process of taking out the scaffolding that was previously hiding the inside of the new buildings. But I managed to get some good shots of the concert hall roof – didn’t summon up the courage to get the phone out when I was stood on the new tension wire grid in the theatre – looking down and seeing nothing other than a few small strands of wire between you feet and the floor about 13m below … interesting …

Anyway here are the pictures:

Oh and if you haven’t already seen it – check out a new fly-through of the new spaces:

What a Day ….

Crikey now THAT is how you do a graduation ceremony !!

Quincy Jones becomes a fellow

Ed Thomas becomes a fellow

A Cyberman invades the Auditorium

Our excellent BA3’s Graduate


Great Live Music

Oh and The Price of Wales Delivers a speech on a big screen

What a day

Its only 1:30pm ….



And now for something completely different…

Thanks Ruthy and Jimmy !

This made me chuckle quite a bit – very nicely sums up my thoughts following Jacksons death. Obviously I am sad for him and his family – he was a real person @ the end of the day and death sucks.

I also have to quote someone else – who very nicely summed up my feelings and thoughts as the news was emerging:

Hanz Edmundo is shocked about MJ..but keeping perspective as feels sad for his kids..but also countless peeps who are valued by their own loved ones die every min so my prayer isnt just for MJ’s family but for anyone who has recently been bereaved.

Spy shots from a wedding

Cameraphone Spy Shot
Cameraphone Spy Shot

I go undercover with a rubbish cameraphone @ Ruth and Andy’s wedding

rather anoyingly – after downloading my pics from my propper camera – this was one of my best pics !!

Amy watching tv … But all is not as it appears ….

Amy and the Telly

Another pic of amy watching tv (in the night garden) the difference is its now 6am and we have been up for 2.5 hours … Sick twice …. Just had some toast and water – trying to see if I can keep her in her chair for a bit to let the food go down ..

Quite distracted by the tv at the moment ….

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