Happy Christmas !!

Ok so its a bit late

But since when have i done things on time !!

Its been a fun Christmas so far. Amy has really been enjoying it! Some of my highlights so far:

  • Amy saying “more toys” every time she wanted to open a new present
  • In church on Christmas day we sat next to Paul Feesey and Amy handed him her “macapaca ” doll and said “MA” then she handed him her “Upsy Daisy” doll and said “Jesus”….
  • I cooked Christmas dinner for the 1st time and it was good !! wasn’t expecting it to be !!
  • My computer is working again !! Got the bits to make it work for Christmas

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New House, New Phone …

Thought it would be a good idea to blog again – keep meaning to write more often but just don’t get around to it – kinda the story of my life …

New House:
Things very chaotic at the moment! Shortly after my last post we managed to have an offer on our new house accepted – very cool. We were told it would all happen very quickly – but we didn’t get keys until my birthday ….

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