Ponderings on a +

Ok before you read this – if you haven’t already go and read this Google+ post and watch the video – don’t worry I will still be here when you get back!

OK back now?

Right – standby for REALLY random ponderings on Google+, Facebook, The Internet and life in general ….

Google+ > Facebook

That video is one of the many reasons why I love Google+ and why I MUCH prefer it to Facebook. Sure not many of my friends are on there (yet). But that just makes Google+ different – not worse.

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New brain for my old brain…

Right trying something a little different with this blog post.. Not sure how well it will work – but hey as I have said before this is my blog and if you don’t want to know what interests me or makes me tick – then well you are in the wrong place!

Simples …

My cunning plan for tonight is to install a custom ROM on my Android HTC Desire. Put just about as simply as I can – its like reinstalling windows on your computer …

Not so simples

For the more geeky – I am planning to dump my lovely – but a bit bloated Stock Android HTC Sense enabled Desire ROM and replace it with the latest and greatest (?) ROM from the CyanogenMod team. I am also going to attempt to upgrade the Micro SD Card from a 4GB Class 2 Card up to a 8GB Class 6 … Well why keep things simples …

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Music music everywhere but not a drop to drink….

I have been an avid user of Spotify since it launched. I was lucky enough to get in on the early launch and it quickly replaced my previous source of music last.fm .

I loved being able legitimately listen to a massive selection of music without paying for it. We used it in work to build a radio station with only the music that web liked listening to. It wasn’t so bad early on the adverts wernt too intrusive and often they were so bad they were good !

In the last couple of weeks Spotify changed their terms and it really brought to an end how I could use its service. I did think about subscribing for a while – the access to music would be great – but the thought that if I stopped paying all that would go away just didn’t seam right.

So I started to look in to alternatives – as you probably know I’m not an Apple man so I dont use itunes. I’m also picky enough to get to play music through some really good soundsystems – so I can usually tell the difference between cd and mp3. The thought of converting my cds to mp3 didn’t fill me with great joy either on the practical front or the audio purest side of things !

But then I spotted that Spotify had just launched something new – the ability to purchase mp3s and sync them to your Android phone or idevice. I then spotted that you could also sync any music you already own as well. It really is like itunes for Android or for those poor souls with an idevice it is a viable alternative.

The Android player itself is really nice – basic but actually that’s all you need really – lots of nice extra bits and bobs that I am just figuring out – quite a lot of it is only really useful if you have a Spotify premium subscription but its still more than useable if you don’t.

I haven’t actually bit the bullet and purchased any mp3 bundles through them yet – but the process looks painless enough – and the thought of being able to buy a whole carefully crafted playlist with a couple of clicks is quite appealing.
Of course there are drawbacks… to get the best pricing (50p) a track you need to buy a bundle of 100 mp3s … and if you don’t use that 100 within 30 days they vanish … BUT if you buy another bundle your unused tracks roll over for another 30 days…

I had the rather geeky joy of listening to a playlist upstairs that was still syncing from my computer downstairs. Very cool!!

Yesterday Google threw something else new in to the mix – the long awaited Google music – how this will actually change stuff for me I don’t know yet. The product is going to be in closed beta for the US only for a bit. It also talked about being free during the beta …. If it launches over here it will enable users to upload 20,000 of their music tracks up to Google music – Google will then stream them out to your devices and enable you to sync stuff locally if you need offline playback. It will also do lots of other clever stuff – but to be honest just having the ability to dump all my music there and not have to worry about backing it up / moving it around would be brilliant.

Anyway I have been drafting this on my phone for a few days now – time to publish it!! Wonder if will make any sense …

Might be geeky blogging again soon as I am probably going to root and install a custom Rom on my phone soon … could be interesting ….

Shooting for the Moon

Took some time out tonight to have a go on my simple telescope again. Weather was lovely and warm – but being Cardiff and having a street lamp at the bottom of my garden – visibility aint great! plus I still haven’t worked out how to set-up my scope properly so it s a bit blurry !

Anyway I did manage to get a good look at the Moon and Saturn – even managed to get some good pics! Before you look at them please remember my point above about the not great conditions AND the fact all of these were taken on my phone ..



New Phone, Blue Sky, Short post …


Ok so let’s see where this goes! I kinda wish you could see me typing this – if all my clever geekery works out as planned this entire post will be written from my new phone whilst relaxing on my sofa! It’s this future man! Sorry I tend to come out with some very age inappropriate phrases when I get excited!

So yes any follower of my tweets will have spotted that I have got a new phone. It’s a very shiney HTC Desire. I am very impressed with it – good job really as it will be another 27 months before I am due a free upgrade …..

For those that “dont do technology ” its kinda like an iPhone – but this one is made by HTC and is running Android which is made by Google. It fits with me very well – its very geeky, its very powerful, its not what everyone else is doing, and for me prob the most important thing is that it is “open”.

Why is it so important to me that its “open” – well much as I like the quality of the apps that that you can get for the iPhone – the problem for me is that Apple very much control what is available – now with that control comes some benefits such as better reliabiliy and less chance of downloading something iffy! But for me, very basically, I want to be able to make those decisions – to make those mistakes and then figure out what to do next.

Hmmm didn’t expect that

I was just going to write a little blog post – wasn’t expecting to have a “ooooh” moment ….

“I want to be able to make those decisions – to make those mistakes and then figure out what to do next.”

Actually I will leave that hanging there for a bit – may have to come back to that later in a future blog post! Need a bit of time to think and a slightly bigger screen to work it out on !

So what else is new / happening with me?

Well its the usual carnage at work but with the added pressure of a massive building project and all the considerable stresses that come with that ! It’s a very exciting time – I just hope the stress of it all don’t take away that excitement ….

Anyway said it would be short – and I am not sure if I managed that …. so I will finish here in the only way appropriate ….


Virtual Conversations

I am really enjoying blogging at the moment!

  • I am finding writing down my thoughts and feelings really useful – especially when it has been so hard recently
  • My techie / Geeky side of me is really enjoying playing with WordPress (the software that runs this site)
  • I am almost daily being surprised by getting a message from someone who has read my blogs. Comments of support, enjoyment, understanding, appreciation, disagreement – whatever they have been i am really appreciating the virtual conversation.

To be honest I am still surprised when someone says that they have read my blogs. Even more surprised when they said that thought it was good! I spent soo many years in school not being great at “English” (I was in special needs spelling until my A-Levels) I still keep thinking that people have read something else and commented to me by mistake!

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My 3 year old Daughter on Facebook?

Ok so maybe the title is a little misleading:

A 3 Year Olds Version Of Facebook ...
A 3 Year Old's Version Of Facebook ..

Over the last few months I have been astonished at how fast things are moving in this technological world.

For a self proclaimed geek – I think that’s quite a big thing to realise!

Hello, Any one there …

Looking at how I communicate with friends I used to hardly email or write or call – but I now Tweet, Facebook and Blog with alarming regularity. I am sure that some people would question these as “proper” forms of communication. And possibly even not think of them as communicating at all.

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been a while …. ahem

Well i am sure nobody is readying this now !!

Just thought it was worth a post. A lot has happened in the tech world since i started this blog –
I am now on facebook and twitter – probably a bit more than i should be.
I listen to music via last.fm
Google reader has completely changed how i browse the web
I run linux (ubuntu) on my home pc and when i need windows i power up a Virtual pc that runs inside linux
I remote desktop in to my work machine so i can work from home
I have push email and 500mb of free data month on my phone so the Internet and my “connected” life is never very far away…

is that a good thing?

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Spy shots from a wedding

Cameraphone Spy Shot
Cameraphone Spy Shot

I go undercover with a rubbish cameraphone @ Ruth and Andy’s wedding

rather anoyingly – after downloading my pics from my propper camera – this was one of my best pics !!

Geek Out !!!


The following post contains lots of stuff that excited geeks – please feel free not to read it !!!

OK -Further to my previous post about installing Windows XP on a virtual machine in Ubuntu (lunux) Just finished watching the last episode of Top Gear season 10 that i downloaded and watched using the cool new BBC i-Player in a Virtual machine running under Ubuntu !!

Well i think it was cool …

Why not just watch it in windows? – well it was a 600mb file that took around 30 mins to download – this way i could continue to work/play with ubuntu !!

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