13 – The eve of my baby girl turning 13 is probably not the time to connect, for the 1st time, the start of the teenage years and the “unlucky” number …

But here we are!

Thinking back to this time the night she arrived, we were just heading to bed after deciding that the contractions may not nothing and we should get some rest.

I should have guessed that it would be that night. After all as I left work that day I said to a colleague

As long as it’s not tomorrow … Valentine’s Day might be a rubbish day for a birthday …

That’s the parent equivalent of a cop in a film being “one day away from retirement”…

Now 13 years later I’m still making the same parenting mistakes. But I am also learning new things each day as well.

Watching her grow up, simultaneously being unrecognisable year to year and yet the same day to day, it’s been fascinating, fun and exhausting!

I am so proud to be called “Dad” by my girl.

I am so proud of the choices she makes (well most if them!)

I am so proud of the amazing woman she is growing up to be.

Despite the horror stories and negative comments about being a parent to a teenager – I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

Hopefully that won’t become by latest “cop in a film” moment …

The approach of number 12

As usual it new years eve, and we are settled down for a quiet evening in. Call me sad, boring, whatever … I don’t mind! This is my preferred way to spend new years eve!

Stuff goes bang and smells a bit funny ….

When I was younger – I had a couple of years of standing in the cold watching the cheesy build up in Cardiff civic centre. Waiting for the countdown and then the usually spectacular fireworks to light up the skyline. It being winter. In Cardiff. It often had a some unexpected results. Such as the time the wind blew the main part of the display over the heads of the audience – WOW ! Those big fireworks exploding directly overhead look amazing! Or there was the time that the cloud cover was a bit low … the rapidly colour changing clouds made it looked like ET was about to land …. or that its spaceship was in the process of being shot down …. Continue reading “The approach of number 12”

Prayer of a four year old

Amy’s prayer for me tonight:

I pray for daddy,

I pray that he will get all his jobs done before he goes to work tomorrow

and that he will put all the things back in the right places so that mummy will be really impressed with him ….


My 3 year old Daughter on Facebook?

Ok so maybe the title is a little misleading:

A 3 Year Olds Version Of Facebook ...
A 3 Year Old's Version Of Facebook ..

Over the last few months I have been astonished at how fast things are moving in this technological world.

For a self proclaimed geek – I think that’s quite a big thing to realise!

Hello, Any one there …

Looking at how I communicate with friends I used to hardly email or write or call – but I now Tweet, Facebook and Blog with alarming regularity. I am sure that some people would question these as “proper” forms of communication. And possibly even not think of them as communicating at all.

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been a while …. ahem

Well i am sure nobody is readying this now !!

Just thought it was worth a post. A lot has happened in the tech world since i started this blog –
I am now on facebook and twitter – probably a bit more than i should be.
I listen to music via last.fm
Google reader has completely changed how i browse the web
I run linux (ubuntu) on my home pc and when i need windows i power up a Virtual pc that runs inside linux
I remote desktop in to my work machine so i can work from home
I have push email and 500mb of free data month on my phone so the Internet and my “connected” life is never very far away…

is that a good thing?

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Amy watching tv … But all is not as it appears ….

Amy and the Telly

Another pic of amy watching tv (in the night garden) the difference is its now 6am and we have been up for 2.5 hours … Sick twice …. Just had some toast and water – trying to see if I can keep her in her chair for a bit to let the food go down ..

Quite distracted by the tv at the moment ….

Happy Christmas !!

Ok so its a bit late

But since when have i done things on time !!

Its been a fun Christmas so far. Amy has really been enjoying it! Some of my highlights so far:

  • Amy saying “more toys” every time she wanted to open a new present
  • In church on Christmas day we sat next to Paul Feesey and Amy handed him her “macapaca ” doll and said “MA” then she handed him her “Upsy Daisy” doll and said “Jesus”….
  • I cooked Christmas dinner for the 1st time and it was good !! wasn’t expecting it to be !!
  • My computer is working again !! Got the bits to make it work for Christmas

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Me and Amy


Me and Amy – teeth hurting at the mo so she was up late!

Oh these pictures are from my phone – emailed from my phone!

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