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13 – The eve of my baby girl turning 13 is probably not the time to connect, for the 1st time, the start of the teenage years and the “unlucky” number … But here we are! Thinking back to this… Continue Reading →

Red Sky In Morning…

Walk to Church

Across the ice and snow with a rather lovely background.

Snow Time

Happily I already had a day booked off when the “snowmageddon” hit… we had fun in the snow before it melted! And yes – I was wearing shorts…

Winter is coming…

I have to be honest – I’m not a huge fan of winter. Sure it sometimes gives me an opertunity to wander around in the snow wearing shorts … It also brings Christmas – which is wonderful and a great… Continue Reading →

Google+ farewell old lonely friend

Well this is a bit dull. Google+ sunsetting A few years ago I naively argued that Google+ was the future of social networking. It clearly wasn’t.

ISS Selfie

Bit of fun tonight – Nice ISS flyover – managed to get a selfie with the largest structure built in space.

Walk on work

So a few years ago when the new building was being built at work I was asked if I wanted to go up on the tower crane onsite: No it’s ok you can go , I will go next time…… Continue Reading →

Possibly Political

Well its been  while since I have blogged. I have been on Google+ for the past few years – but sadly that seems to be dying – mainly from Google’s apparently toddler like attention span for some of its products… Continue Reading →

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