Snow Time

Happily I already had a day booked off when the “snowmageddon” hit… we had fun in the snow before it melted!

And yes – I was wearing shorts…

Winter is coming…

I have to be honest – I’m not a huge fan of winter.

Sure it sometimes gives me an opertunity to wander around in the snow wearing shorts …

It also brings Christmas – which is wonderful and a great break from the norm.

But it also brings short days, more wet weather and a general lethargy.

The lethargy seems to grow as we approach Christmas – the joy of Christmas slowly turns to a hope that Christmas will bring rest, joy and happiness. This in turn becomes a need for Christmas. A need to stop, pause the daily chaos and busyness and enjoy just being for a bit. Continue reading “Winter is coming…”

Walk on work

So a few years ago when the new building was being built at work I was asked if I wanted to go up on the tower crane onsite:

No it’s ok you can go , I will go next time…

Matt Rogerson – Sometime in 2010 ish

Well there was no “next time” as tower crane tours got banned … I’m still not sure if it was because of “Health & Safety” or that the site manager was afraid of heights …

Anyway – forward a few years and I’m still definitely not bitter … BUT today I got chance to walk ON the roof at work.

Before anyone from work asks – yes there was a genuine reason and no it’s not ok for everyone else to pop up ….

Anyway – it was great ! Really, Really great!!

Possibly Political

Well its been  while since I have blogged. I have been on Google+ for the past few years – but sadly that seems to be dying – mainly from Google’s apparently toddler like attention span for some of its products rather than any issues with the platform.

Anyway as the title suggests this isn’t supposed to be a post about Google+ it is a Possibly Political Post. Well actually its a post that ticks all the boxes for the most anti click-bait post ever … as its a possibly political definitely “religious” post.

So you are still here? Continue reading “Possibly Political”

Ponderings on a +

Ok before you read this – if you haven’t already go and read this Google+ post and watch the video – don’t worry I will still be here when you get back!

OK back now?

Right – standby for REALLY random ponderings on Google+, Facebook, The Internet and life in general ….

Google+ > Facebook

That video is one of the many reasons why I love Google+ and why I MUCH prefer it to Facebook. Sure not many of my friends are on there (yet). But that just makes Google+ different – not worse.

Continue reading “Ponderings on a +”

The approach of number 12

As usual it new years eve, and we are settled down for a quiet evening in. Call me sad, boring, whatever … I don’t mind! This is my preferred way to spend new years eve!

Stuff goes bang and smells a bit funny ….

When I was younger – I had a couple of years of standing in the cold watching the cheesy build up in Cardiff civic centre. Waiting for the countdown and then the usually spectacular fireworks to light up the skyline. It being winter. In Cardiff. It often had a some unexpected results. Such as the time the wind blew the main part of the display over the heads of the audience – WOW ! Those big fireworks exploding directly overhead look amazing! Or there was the time that the cloud cover was a bit low … the rapidly colour changing clouds made it looked like ET was about to land …. or that its spaceship was in the process of being shot down …. Continue reading “The approach of number 12”

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