13 – The eve of my baby girl turning 13 is probably not the time to connect, for the 1st time, the start of the teenage years and the “unlucky” number …

But here we are!

Thinking back to this time the night she arrived, we were just heading to bed after deciding that the contractions may not nothing and we should get some rest.

I should have guessed that it would be that night. After all as I left work that day I said to a colleague

As long as it’s not tomorrow … Valentine’s Day might be a rubbish day for a birthday …

That’s the parent equivalent of a cop in a film being “one day away from retirement”…

Now 13 years later I’m still making the same parenting mistakes. But I am also learning new things each day as well.

Watching her grow up, simultaneously being unrecognisable year to year and yet the same day to day, it’s been fascinating, fun and exhausting!

I am so proud to be called “Dad” by my girl.

I am so proud of the choices she makes (well most if them!)

I am so proud of the amazing woman she is growing up to be.

Despite the horror stories and negative comments about being a parent to a teenager – I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

Hopefully that won’t become by latest “cop in a film” moment …

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