Three social networks walk in to a bar …

Originally posted this on Google+. Thought it was worth posting it here as well

Thinking I need to blog again. Soon. Ish.

Am seeing my social networks evolving slightly not sure if its real or just my perception.

Google + is becoming more about sharing and discussing content – sometimes its content generated on + that’s being discussed.

Twitter is again sharing content but also the short social updates it has always done so well – not much discussion or conversation.

Facebook is mainly just the social “hey I’m doing/thought/done/saw this” stuff – lots of interaction – not much discussion at a high level … but plenty of humor

Wondering why I’m seeing this? – transient artifacts that I’m seeing patterns in? actual segragation of content? But what’s doing the segregation ? Is it down to the users on those networks, the age of the network or something else …

Plenty of questions – probabbly no “right” answers

And … looks like I don’t need to blog … as I think I just did … more evolution …. ?

New Brain – was it worth it?

I originally started writing this post just shortly after the previous post about upgrading my phone – but i never finished it!! So here it is anyway – I will finish it at some point .. probably …

So last Thursday I settled down to install a new ROM on my Android Phone (HTC Desire). I have been living with the phone for a few days now so I thought it would be a good time to answer the question that was nagging me through the whole process … Is it worth it?

Breifly – Yep.

But as this is my blog and not twitter – I think I will expend on that a little!

Please note this isnt intended to be a generic review of the Cyanogenmod ROM, or indeed the Gingerbread build of Android that it is built on – its just me talking about my experience of moving from my old stock Orange ROM to Cyanogenmod 7.0.3. It does beg the question why am I blogging about this at all? It is my blog – but even I appreciate that the audience for appreciate this is small even amongst my friends who read this! But as someone else has pointed out – if I got commission on all my mates who had bought an Android – well i might be able to eat at Krispy Kreme for … well nearly a week … So hopefully even thought the audience is small = someone may find it useful and avoid falling in to the traps that I fell in to!

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