(+) + (-) = meh

Trying to be positive at the mo … I have so so much to be thankful for. I have so many wonderful things and people in my life. Even if they wernt there I have God who I am able to call father – and actually that is more important than any thing else.


Moaning is sooo much easier

Focussing on all the stuff going wrong is .. better…. somehow …

I am trying to be positive – like I’m looking forward to tomorrow eating the rather tasty bit of beef sitting in the fridge … instead of being annoyed that I bought it for Christmas dinner … and then realised it went off on the 23rd …

But my biggest moan at the mo is my car – its still broken … its been a week now and its had wrong parts ordered , screwdriver left in the engine and now an engine warning light … the garage ( bets service centre in thornhill) are apparently incompetent – tomorrow I get properly shouty …

Em has been stuck in the house for really a week now – understandably driving her a bit mad hopefully tomorrow she will get out somewhere

Anyway – trying to be positive

Not doing a good job …

Oh and if you want a giggle re-read the 1st paragraph and replace “things” with “thongs” …. the hazards of blogging from my phone ….

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