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Month November 2010

Friday !!!!

Another … interesting week – did feel like I was drowning for some of it. Just too many things to do and all needing to happen … yesterday – typical …. But then it snowed I cycled home on my… Continue Reading →

Under Construction …

I managed to get another site visit on Thursday to our new facilities at work – it was a surprise visit so I didn’t take a good camera – but i did manage to get some shots using my phone. They are just in the process of taking… Continue Reading →

A Time to … Part II

I have previously blogged about the fact that I felt it was appropriate for me to wear trousers in work and generally smarten up my appearance to match more with the manager part of my role at the college. Well… Continue Reading →


What a stressful few weeks this has been. If you are one of the few people who actually reads and notices what my on-line identity has been spewing out recently you may have picked up that there has been some quite big… Continue Reading →

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