New Phone, Blue Sky, Short post …


Ok so let’s see where this goes! I kinda wish you could see me typing this – if all my clever geekery works out as planned this entire post will be written from my new phone whilst relaxing on my sofa! It’s this future man! Sorry I tend to come out with some very age inappropriate phrases when I get excited!

So yes any follower of my tweets will have spotted that I have got a new phone. It’s a very shiney HTC Desire. I am very impressed with it – good job really as it will be another 27 months before I am due a free upgrade …..

For those that “dont do technology ” its kinda like an iPhone – but this one is made by HTC and is running Android which is made by Google. It fits with me very well – its very geeky, its very powerful, its not what everyone else is doing, and for me prob the most important thing is that it is “open”.

Why is it so important to me that its “open” – well much as I like the quality of the apps that that you can get for the iPhone – the problem for me is that Apple very much control what is available – now with that control comes some benefits such as better reliabiliy and less chance of downloading something iffy! But for me, very basically, I want to be able to make those decisions – to make those mistakes and then figure out what to do next.

Hmmm didn’t expect that

I was just going to write a little blog post – wasn’t expecting to have a “ooooh” moment ….

“I want to be able to make those decisions – to make those mistakes and then figure out what to do next.”

Actually I will leave that hanging there for a bit – may have to come back to that later in a future blog post! Need a bit of time to think and a slightly bigger screen to work it out on !

So what else is new / happening with me?

Well its the usual carnage at work but with the added pressure of a massive building project and all the considerable stresses that come with that ! It’s a very exciting time – I just hope the stress of it all don’t take away that excitement ….

Anyway said it would be short – and I am not sure if I managed that …. so I will finish here in the only way appropriate ….


2 thoughts on “New Phone, Blue Sky, Short post …

  1. interested to read your post matt. I checked out the HTC hero when it came out and whilst impressed with some aspects of the way it brought together the widget esq desktop the touch screen wasnt great (cant remember the technical term to my shame, but wasnt able 2 respond to pressure or multi touch like apple).

    Still plodding along with my N95 8gb at the moment but out of contract. Think nokia have a bit of work to do as wasnt impressed at all with my flatmates’ N97. Seen there is an X6 but cant help thinking the Symbian os is creaking with age.

    I think we are on the cusp of some interesting developments as the smartphone market truely matures and things like augmented reality (overlays of data over the ‘real world’ video from the phones’ camera get developed). The apparent breakthroughs that universities seem to be making in the fields of batteries and memory seem to indicate some exciting shifts in processing power, battery lift and storage capabilities in the coming years.

  2. I agree – very nice phone (he says from his HTC Desire!) Only problem so far is a lack of some applications from Google marketplace as they don’t seem to have added the phone to their list of permitted devices yet. Googleearth for example…

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