Announcing Baby Amy Jane Rogerson !!!

Announcing Baby Amy Jane Rogerson !!! Born 14/02/06 @ 6:47am, 8lbs7oz !

Matt and Amy

Mother and baby are both doing very well !

We were back at home by 10:30 that night. The staff at the Midwife Led Unit looked after us so so well and were incredibly supportive of Em and really went out of there way to help her with her Phobias of Needles and Doctors !

Anyway must go 2am ish – should really be in bed by now !!

Dr Who visits Dr Tim

Billie Piper and some friends ...
Billie Piper and some friends ...

Yep Dr Who have filmed part of the new season in my brothers garage !!! How cool is that ! Here is a pic of my bro and friends (inc Billie Piper)!!

She has signed his garage wall as well !!

Leigh and Richards Wedding

Leighs Wedding

This is a pic of my wife (em – in the middle !) Ruth and Ruth at our friend Leigh’s wedding! Em is now just about a week away from her due date so we were not sure if we were going to be able to make it! – We were really glad we did though – was great to be part of their very cool day


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